The Agrarian University of Havana "Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez", was founded on September 7, 1976, with the name of Higher Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Havana. It is located in 23 ½ km Autopista Nacional, San José de las Lajas Municipality. It is the oldest of the Cuban Agricultural Universities, and its roots are in the University of Havana, School of Agricultural Sciences at Quinta de los Molinos, which School of Agronomy and Veterinary belonged to. Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Engineering Majors were founded in 1900 and 1907, respectively.

 In 1976, the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization was created. Currently there are 7 faculties: Veterinary Medicine, Agronomy, Technical Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Business and Economics, the latter created in 2000. The Faculties of Physical Culture and Educational Sciences are integrated into the university in 2012 .The university has been expanding its professional profile and now there are 15 majors, among them Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Agricultural Engineering (both accredited excellence), Agrarian Engineering, Computer Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Industrial Engineering, Socio-Cultural Studies, Law, Social Communication and Psychology. Recently, degrees in Educational Training and Physical Culture have been incorporated.

The Agrarian University of Havana maintains technical scientific and academic cooperation links with 23 countries. There are 131 agreements with universities from all continents. It maintains close working relationships with United Nations agencies and nongovernmental organizations to achieve sustainable management. In its 35 years of teaching and research work, UNAH has graduated more than 14,655 professionals, among them 1,626 foreigners from 77 countries and has obtain significant scientific achievements in the field of health, animal nutrition, tropical crops exploitation, biotechnology, agricultural machinery, sustainable agriculture and other results that have been published both in scientific and technical journals published in the institutional complex, especially the Journal of Applied Agricultural Sciences, and in other international of high economic and social impact.

It has also accredited a MSc. in Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture, Animal Production in Ruminants, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Pathology and Plant Protection and dissimilar Graduate Studies and nationally and internationally renowned Diploma courses.

Current enrollment (2015-2016) is 2,616 students, of them 1,720 students in the Regular Course in 12 majors, while in the Workers Course there are 815 students enrolled in 19 majors, 81 students in e-learning courses of 4 majors, having the most numerous figures in Law, Sociocultural Studies and Engineering in Agribusiness Processes degrees. It also develops the two year Course for Middle Higher Level Education and Training for teachers in the fields of Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Spanish-Literature, Geography-Biology, Marxism-Leninism-History and English Language.

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Universidad Agraria de La Habana (UNAH)
"Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez" Carretera Tapaste y Autopista Nacional Km 23 1/2
San José de Las Lajas, Mayabeque, Cuba, CP 32700, Apartado Postal 18-19

Telef: 53 47 863395


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